Bylaws/Governing Rules of Play

Our organization's Bylaws vary for each age group. Along with our Player/Spectator/Coach's Code of Conduct, we consider these the governing rules of our programs. All of our Bylaws are created with the player's safety and well-being in mind as well as their ability to develop into strong basketball players.

In addition to conduct expectations, our Bylaws also include things such as ball size, goal height, playing time requirements, etc. As such, we update and publish these regularly as our programs evolve.

We consider it the Coach/Player/Spectator's responsibility to be aware of our Bylaws and respect them accordingly. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action from the all-volunteer GCAA Basketball and GCAA Executive Committee.

8U COED Bylaws

Updated 10.23.23

8U COED Basketball League will follow the National Federation of High School Rules & Statewide Athletic Committee Rules with the following exceptions and notations:

  2. Games will begin at their scheduled times with NO grace period with the risk of forfeiture.
  3. The game ball will be 27.5” and provided by GCAA
  4. Uniform Jerseys are to be worn by all players. Failure to attend in your uniform may result in forfeiting your designated playing time.
  5. Teams should be at the gym and ready to play 30 minutes before scheduled game time.
  6. A scorekeeper (scorebook provided by GCAA to the Head Coach at the start of the season) is required by both Home and Visiting teams for each game. The scorekeeper should be considered part of the team's roster and their actions/conduct are the responsibility of both the individual and the Head Coach. Scorekeepers are held to a Code of Conduct and violations may result in ejection.
  7. Free Throw Line will be 12 feet with six (6) players on Free Throw Lane during Shots
  8. Shooters may step over the line as part of the shot, but cannot pursue the ball before it hits the rim.
  9. Players lined up on the lane blocks can enter the lane on the release, the shooter, and players behind the three-point line must wait until the ball hits the rim).
  10. Offensive Lane Violation will be five (5) seconds
  11. Three-point shots will be allowed
  12. Game Duration / Clock Notes
    1. Two 16-minute halves w/ Running Clock
    2. Five (5) minute half-time break.
    3. The clock will stop on all shooting fouls during Running Clock
    4. A Regulation Clock will be used during the last 2 minutes of the game if neither team has a 10-point lead
  13. Overtime Period of two minutes with a 1-minute break between overtime periods. There will be (1) overtime period during regular season games and a regulation clock will be used. If there is no winner the game will be declared a “TIE”.  During tournament games, overtime will continue until there is a winner.
  1. All players on both teams will shoot 1 free throw at halftime with made free throws counting in-game score. Both teams will shoot the same number of free throws, but no player may shoot more than 2 free throws. Also, no player may waive the right to shoot unless injured.
  2. Time Outs are three (3) full per game and one (1) additional full per overtime period.
  3. Playing Time (Focal Points)
    1. Coaches are required to maintain a player substitution matrix for all games that can be supplied upon request to our Director. This requires all players to play at least one 4:00 segment per half as well as sit at least one 4:00 segment per half.
    2. All players must play at least one 4:00 segment in each half. A total of 8:00. Coaches may substitute freely ONLY once this requirement has been met.
    3. A mandatory substitution with clock stop will occur near each 4-minute mark of the 1st Half (12-, 8, & 4-minute marks) and the first twelve (12) minutes of the 2nd Half (12, 8 & 4-minute marks).
    4. Free substitutions may be used during the last 4 minutes of the 2nd Half if all playing time requirements have been met.
    5. Players arriving late to games may have their playing time reduced.
    6. Enforcement of playing time requirements will be enforced upon formal complaint to our Basketball Director, only. We operate on a three-strike policy for our playing time minimum requirement.
      1. First Offense: Official warning to the Head Coach by the Director.
      2. Second Offense: If it is found that a player did not meet the minimum playing time requirement for any reason besides injury, their required playing time will be increased in the next immediate game.
      3. Third Offense: The Head Coach will be suspended for a period of one-game (pending the availability of an assistant coach or registered parent volunteer).
  4. All substitutes must report to the scorer’s table.
  5. The bonus (one and one) will be awarded beginning on the seventh (7) team foul of each half. Two (2) free throws will be awarded after the tenth (10) team foul of each half.
  6. Each player will be allowed five personal fouls before being disqualified from the game. Non-administrative technical fouls will also count as a personal foul
  7. Two (2) non-administrative technical fouls on one player or coach will result in ejection from the game. Serious violations, which include but are not limited to fouls, the abusive, or unsportsmanlike language used toward a player, official, coach, or spectator, and or physical violence or threat of physical violence may result in termination from the league.
    1. If a player or coach is ejected from a game, he or she must leave the facilities immediately
    2. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of the game & may result in termination from the league for the player or coach
    3. Players or coaches ejected from a game will serve an automatic 1 game suspension.
    4. A second ejection due to technical fouls during the season will result in termination from the league
  8. All technical fouls will result in free throws and ball possession for the opposing team.
    1. A player that receives a non-administrative technical foul must immediately be benched
    2. The player may not re-enter the game for the remainder of the 4:00 sector in which the foul occurs
    3. Any non-administrative technical foul that occurs in the final 4:00 sector will result in disqualification from the game
  1. 8U COED Defensive & Offensive Restrictions
  2. a. Defense may not play backcourt defense until the last 2 minutes of the game
    1. Defense must set up inside the arc on any dead ball situation until the ball crosses mid-court or is put into play in front court until the last 2 minutes of the game.
    2. Teams with less than an 11-point lead can play full court defense in the last two minutes of regulation and overtime
    3. Defense may not play outside the 3-point arc at any time if they lead the opposing team by 10 or more points
    4. Offense may fast break at will unless they possess an 11-point lead. There are no restrictions other that an 11-point lead.
    5. Fast breaks are not allowed if a team leads by 11 or more points

PENALTY for all offenses (except d.): 1st violation per team shall result in a FORMAL WARNING.  A technical foul shall be called on each subsequent violation and 1 point will be awarded and ball possession.  The technical foul shall be awarded to the bench - not the player committing the violation.

  1. Each team must have four (4) players to begin a game and at two (2) players to end the game. Failure to have either will result in a forfeit. Teams with 5 players MUST play with 5 players
  2. A maximum of three (3) adults per team (Coach and 2 Assistants) are allowed within the bench area during a game. Please Note: Only the head coach may stand during live ball situations.
  3. All head coaches and assistants must be members of GCAA and must be approved by the Basketball Committee.
  4. All coaches are required to undergo a background check per GCAA Guidelines.
  5. All players, coaches and spectators are required to always follow all GCAA Code of Conduct rules and regulations. It is considered the individuals’ responsibility to be aware of our Code of Conduct and to measure their actions accordingly. Disciplinary action may be taken at the sole discretion of the volunteer Basketball Committee and Basketball Director (less any participants directly involved in an incident in question).
  6. Players, coaches, and parents understand and acknowledge that a suspension resulting in failure to be able to compete in a game will result in a forfeit with no make-up offered.
  7. No refunds will be given as the result of disciplinary action.
  8. Any coach and or player found in violation of our Code of Conduct two or more times in a calendar year may be expelled from the league at the discretion of the Basketball Committee and Basketball Director.



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