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Cleveland United is powered by the Greater Cleveland Athletic Association (GCAA) which was originally formed in 1980, and eventually incorporated as a 501c(3) non-profit in 2005. Cleveland United’s focus is on providing a higher level of competitive soccer while providing area families with an affordable, fun, and flexible environment where players can develop into better soccer players.

Cleveland United is a member of the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) which provides the premier environment for youth soccer at the highest levels of competition. We are an all volunteer run organization governed by NCYSA’s guidance to provide a safe, rewarding experience for young athletes. As a club, Cleveland United works hard to develop player’s skills on the field and provide an outlet for them to develop in their everyday lives as well to become great soccer players and great people

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Registration CLOSED for 2024-25 Travel Soccer Tryouts!

Boys born 2006 thru 2015, Girls born 2008 thru 2015

Email tryouts@gcaatravelsoccer.com with any questions! 


Serving the communities of Cleveland, Garner, Clayton, Willow Springs, McGee Crossroads, southern Wake County, Johnston County, and surrounding areas in NC


501c(3) non-profit, all-volunteer run


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Cleveland United teams compete within the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA). Numbers permitting, each year Cleveland United travel teams are formed for both boys and girls from 11U through 19U. Cleveland United forms travel teams in mid-May of each year through open tryouts. Players are accepted to their team for a one year commitment (August thru May) with the travel team. 

Tryouts: Tryouts to form the travel teams for the upcoming year (both Fall and/or Spring seasons) are held in mid-May. 

  • If there are teams that need to add additional players, Supplemental Tryouts are held in late November/early December

Seasons: All teams play a Fall and a Spring season, except for High School aged teams. 

  • High School aged teams only play one season in a year, opposite of their school season. 
    • High School Boys play a Spring Club season only, and may play a Fall tournament
    • High School Girls play a Fall Club season only, and may play a Spring tournament

Training: All teams train for 1 hour 15 minutes, twice a week

  • Fall season: Training starts in early August and runs through mid-November
  • Spring season: Training starts in early January and ends in mid-May

Games: The regular season generally has 8-10 games. Games can be scheduled on Saturdays and/or Sundays. The game schedules are set at the beginning of each season. 

Travel: Away games are usually within an hour of the Triangle, and at times trips to the coast may happen. These longer trips are two or three times in a season at most. Game schedules are set at the beginning of each season, so there will be plenty of advanced notice prior to expected travel.

Tournaments: Teams can also play weekend long tournaments. Tournaments can be either local or travel required. Most teams have at least one tournament requiring hotel stay per season (often two nights). Older, more established teams may play two or three tournaments a season. Some tournaments have a ‘stay-to-play’ policy requiring a minimum block of rooms be reserved. 

Local, Affordable, Flexible, & Competitive Soccer

Cleveland United is easily the most affordable travel soccer club in the area, and we are the very definition of ‘local’ for the areas we serve. This makes it a very workable solution for busy families with multiple kids who may play multiple sports. Being an all-volunteer run organization helps us keep costs down, but it does not mean that our teams are any less competitive. Cleveland United teams regularly win local, regional and out-of-state tournaments.

Fee Structure

There are two types of Dues:

Club Dues: $300 upon registration; payment plans available.

  • This is per season, per player ($300 for Fall and/or $300 for Spring)
  • Club dues are paid directly to Cleveland United through TeamSnap, either during the initial registration in the summer and/or through a TeamSnap Invoice in the spring.

Team Dues: $30 - $50 per month, per team (approx.) On average, team dues across all teams have usually ranged between $150.00 - $200.00 total per season. 

  • Team dues vary per team. Team dues pay for league fees, referee fees, tournament fees, etc. Team dues will vary based on how many players there are, how many tournaments they may play in, what scheduling league they join, etc. These will be set up by the team manager and may be spread out monthly over the season or ‘front-loaded’ to ensure teams have funds to play in early season tournaments.
  • Team Dues are paid directly to the team, and will be collected by the Team Manager or Team Treasurer. This can be done through TeamSnap as a Team Invoice and paid online, or in-person via check or cash.

Other Costs

Uniform Kit: $150-200 (approx.) Uniform kits are good for two full years, depending on purchase cycle. The current uniform cycle began Fall 2023. If sized up to account for growth spurts, it can last you on average 3 - 4 seasons. We recommend following the Adidas jersey sizing chart listed on soccer.com, as it will be sized differently than an average t-shirt sizing!

  • The required kit:
    • Home uniform - Silver Adidas jersey, silver Adidas shorts, and silver Adidas socks
    • Away uniform - Navy Adidas jersey, navy Adidas shorts, and navy Adidas socks
  • The recommended items are not required, but are nice to have.

Travel Costs: variable per team; any tournament fees will be included in the cost of Team Dues.

  • Travel costs (fuel, hotel accommodations, etc.) are the responsibility of the family, and are not paid for by the club or the team. Most teams have at least one tournament requiring hotel stay per season (often two nights). Older, more established teams may play two or three tournaments a season. Some tournaments have a ‘stay-to-play’ policy requiring a minimum block of rooms be reserved.

We want to thank those of you who recently attended our tryouts!

Our coaches are in the process of finalizing their selections. If your child has made a team, you can expect an email, text, or phone call. Each coach is responsible for their choices and communication with selected players. Please check your spam folders for possible emails.

Numbers will not be posted on the website. Coaches will be working through Tuesday, May 28th to communicate with players who have been chosen.

If you are not contacted, then your child is not selected for a team. Please feel free to email tryouts@gcaatravelsoccer.com for feedback if your child is not chosen.

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