GCAA Rec Soccer

Weather Policy

Field Conditions:

WE DO PLAY SOCCER IN THE RAIN. We do NOT cancel practices or games for rain, unless the fields are at risk of being damaged due to standing water or excessivley muddy conditions. Coaches are not to call off games without authorization from a member of the GCAA Sports Committee. 

Reasons for cancelling games:

  1. There is standing water on the field.
  2. The fields are wet to the point where playing the game will destroy the playing surface.
  3. The presence of thunder or lightning. The first lightning strike will cause a 30 minute delay, with subsequent strikes resetting the 30 minute delay. 
  4. GCAA soccer is chartered by NCYSA, which is a subsidiary of US Socer. As a result, we are required to follow their rules and procedures. US Soccer publishes heat guidelines that lay out the criteria for cancelling or delaying games and practices. They use a composite score similiar to the heat index to determine if it is safe for athletes to train or play. If the score is above the cutoff, all activities must be delayed or cancelled.

Last Minute Condition Changes:

If games start and the weather turns bad and necessitates the cancellation of later games it will be communicated to you as soon as possible. We strongly encourage each parent to check the website, emails, and or texts prior to coming to the fields for games. If you have not been notified of any adverse weather conditions, postponements, or cancellation up to 30 minutes prior, then everyone should assume that all matches for that day are being played as scheduled. 

Thunder and Lightning:

Games and practices are to be suspended whenever lightning is seen or thunder is heard (no matter how far away it may seem) or whenever weather conditions make it unsafe to play. It is the shared responsibility of Coaches, Parents, and Officials to ensure this policy is made known and enforced. 

If you see lightning, clear the field. If you hear thunder, clear the field. Play will be halted for a minimum of 30 minutes. If no lightning is spotted during the 30 minutes and/or no thunder is heard during the 30 minutes, play will resume. If lightning is seen and/or thunder is heard during the 30 minute period, the clock starts over. No play will resume until a minimum of 30 minutes passes with no thunder and/or no lightning.

Suspending Events:

Whenever play is suspended EVERYONE shall leave the field and take shelter in substantial buildings or in cars with the windows rolled up. Avoid small rain shelters, dugouts, bleachers, trees, metal fences, gates, power poles, etc. Play shall not resume until 30 minutes from the last lightning or thunder. The maximum time for suspended play is 45 minutes, after which the game is called off. 


In the event of weather affected practices and/or games, an email will be sent to all GCAA Rec Soccer registered users and coaches will be notified via TeamSnap. 

Cancelling and Rescheduling Events:

We will do everything in our power to play all scheduled games that are listed on each team's schedule. Due to field availability and time constraints, GCAA will not guarantee that matches will be rescheduled.

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